In the range of publications devoted to Economics the Economics and Management journal is truly recognized as one of the leading publications within its field.

The journal has always been known for being a source of deep actual knowledge always providing information of current interest.

Since it was founded in 1995 Economics and Management has become extremely popular in the society due to the authenticity, reliability and significancy of information shown in its articles.

The first issue of Economics and Management was published in October 1995 and since then it has been published under the guidance of Department of Social Science, Russian Academy of Science.

The journal is legally included in the list of publications acknowledged by the High Attestation Commission of the Ministry of Education of Russian Federation and allows applicants to make their innovative research public and available to scientists, students and others.

Being a beacon of light in economy science Economics and Management provides practical knowledge for professional development of economy science and promotes a scientific approach to all aspects of social services activities.

The regular readers of Economics and Management are the members of the Administration of the President and the Government of Russian Federation, the Council of the Federation, the State Duma of the Russian Federation, Russian President’s plenipotentiaries in Federal Districts, Russian Academy of Science, Heads of Administrations of all levels and areas, State institutions, Research Centres and libraries.

Over the years the frequency of publications has varied, but since 2009 Economics and Management has become a monthly journal due to high professional growth of the editorial team of the University of Management and Economics.

Since 2005 all the articles published in Economics and Management have been included into the Russian Science Citation Index and are available for public on (scientific electronic library). All the information on publications in Economics and Management is presented by “Ulrich’s Periodical Directory” (the international information system for periodicals and serials).  Also the editorial team of the University of Management and Economics together with Russian Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of Russian Academy of Science concluded an agreement on cooperation in order to highlight the information on all the data published by Economics and Management within the database of VINITI in the Russian Academy of Science. This has taken place in 2011 and made Russian and international scientific society informed on all the aspects of the Economy Science.

The subject of publications in Economics and Management are always topical, and are aimed and directed to helping Russia on its way to innovative development.

The journal is very open minded and is always ready to cooperate and make any effort to help in all aspects of scientific development.