1. Leonid V. Gornin, Galina M. Gritsenko

Beef Farming: Current State, Problems, and Prospects of Development (A Case Study of the Siberian Federal District)

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Leonid V. Gornin

Deputy Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation, Ph.D. in Economics

Il'inka Str. 9, Moscow, Russian Federation, 109097

Galina M. Gritsenko

Chief Researcher of Siberian Federal Scientific Center of Agrobiotechnologies of RAS, Doctor of Economics, professor

i. s. Krasnoobsk, Novosibirsk Region, Russian Federation 630501

There is a national departure from a commodity economy that includes transition from economic development program planning to project planning. This change requires several problems to be solved, such as finding key growth areas to ensure rapid regional development of the Siberian Federal District. Solving the dilemma includes increasing the return on budget funds invested in animal husbandry; improving the potential of animal husbandry, which only provides half of its raw material (i.e., meat) to the market for processing; and providing the market with competitive, highquality goods produced from inedible materials.
Aim. We wish to substantiate prospects for Siberian Federal District’s economic development via advanced processing of raw beef farming materials and to propose a mechanism for coordinating the multipurpose use of regional resources at the district level with a view of creating appropriate technological bases, infrastructures, and advanced end-product demand.
Methods. Our study uses the monographic and abstract-logical methods, with comparative analysis and forecasting.
Results. We predict the development of the consumer meat market in the Siberian Federal District and analyze its resources to help ensure the formation of a unified economic space for industrial processing of beef farming products. The regional complex comprises several competitive clusters: mechanical engineering, leatherworks, wool production, biopharmaceutics, and meat production. We solve the mathematical problems and develop a multifactor model, enabling identification of major raw material locations for processing plants.
Conclusion. A complex solution is necessary at the district level: one that requires government support for the formation of a technological base. Traffic, logistics, information technology, and raw material stockpiling should be improved for the agricultural microbusiness, including promotion of the end product in the domestic and foreign markets.

Keywords: beef farming, rendering, Siberian Federal District, industrial processing of beef farming products, sub-federal level


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