3. Dar’ya N. Gavrilina

Comparative Strategic Analysis of the Innovative Efficiency of the Russian Economy

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Dar’ya N. Gavrilina

Assistant of the Department of Moscow School of Economics of Moscow State University named after M.V. Lomonosov

Leninskie Gory 1, Bld. 61, Moscow, Russian Federation, 119991

Aim. The aim is to performed a comparative analysis of innovative development in Russia compared to foreign countries.
Task. Subjects of the Russian Federation show uneven development of various innovative process factors. This study assesses the level of innovative development of the Russian economy at a global scale and simulates the regional structure per the level of innovative activity, which makes it possible to identify growth areas in the innovation market specific to regions grouped per our methodology.
Methods. The study uses general epistemologies, comparative analyses, mixed probability distribution models, and regression analyses.
Results. Comparative analysis of the level of innovative development in Russia compared to foreign countries revealed innovation strengths and weaknesses. The study simulated the regional structure of Russia per the level of innovative activity, making it possible to identify growth areas in the regional innovation markets.

Keywords: innovation, small innovative enterprises, innovative economy, parametric classification methods, regional structure, innovative activity indicators


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