7. Aleksandr V. Mnishko, Mariya S. Efremochkina

Green Technology as an Alternative Source of Cost Reduction

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Aleksandr V. Mnishko

Associate Professor of St. Petersburg State University Of Civil Aviation

Pilotov Str. 38, St. Petersburg, Russian Federation, 196210

Mariya S. Efremochkina

Postgraduate student of Beijing Jiao Tong University

Shanguentsun 3, Pekin, PR China, 100044

This study examines green technology implemented at airports across the world for determining cost reduction methods and attracting more customers.
Aim. The study aims to identify and analyze modern green technology that facilitates cost reduction through a case study of airports.
Tasks. The authors aim to identify and analyze sources of potential cost reductions and determine the technological needs of passengers and their impact on market share.
Methods. The study uses general scientific methods of cognition in various aspects in order to identify and examine green technology, analyze methods of cost reduction based on green technology, present various examples in a structured manner, and evaluate the growth of market share for an airport that uses such modern technology.
Results. Airports around the world have long demonstrated that new technology along with proper management substantially improves their over-all quality. This amelioration leads to better market coverage and growing market share, thereby increasing profit. Modern customers select a company that meets the requirements of the high-tech information age such as speed, mobility, price, service, security, manufacturability, and environmental friendliness; a company that realizes the necessity of fulfilling these requirements is capable of securing customer loyalty and leading the market. However, the goal is to not only satisfy customers but also build a well-functioning, clear management structure and to cater to many of the needs of the labor force that works on behalf of both the company and its clients.
Conclusion. Development of green technology is not only the future for a specific structure but also a global trend in the development of humanity. The modern world prompts us to find new ways of solving problems, use new technologies, be open to innovative approaches, and think like the humans of tomorrow would. Using green technology is just one aspect of future sustainable development in aviation. By implementing modern green technology, a company not only improves its operating efficiency but also achieves positive results in terms of profits, cost reductions, and service quality.

Keywords:cost reduction, green technology, airport, sustainable development, green construction, alternative sources


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