10. Valeryi V. Puchkov, Marina V. Utevskaya

The Industrial Cluster as a Tool for Regional Spatial Planning in the Forest Industry

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Valeryi V. Puchkov

Executive director of “DOK “Kalevala” Ltd., Doctor of Economics

Shuyskoe Highway 80, Petrozavodsk, Republic of Karelia, 185013

Marina V. Utevskaya

Associate Professor of St. Petersburg State University of Economics, Ph.D. in Economics

Sadovaya Str. 21, St. Petersburg, Russian Federation, 191023

This article analyzes the problems of practical application of the cluster approach and develops guidelines for adjusting the approach to the formation of industrial clusters within the forest industry.
Aim. The study presents major stages of industrial cluster formation in a structured fashion and identifies drawbacks that hinder efficient application of the cluster approach in the forest industry.
Tasks. In this study, the authors analyze theoretical approaches to cluster formation; specify the definition of the industrial cluster; determine the sequence of steps in industrial cluster formation; examine major regulatory and legislative acts governing industrial clusters in the Russian Federation; analyze the obstacles to advanced wood processing within the industrial cluster; provide guidelines on creating a working cluster mechanism in the forest industry.
Methods. The study uses general scientific methods of cognition in various aspects to examine the cluster approach, determines approaches to the formation of a modern industrial cluster, and identifies the major problems associated with this process.
Results. Today, there is no consistent approach to the practical implementation of cluster policy as a tool for spatial planning in the Russian Federation. Therefore, there is little experience of government-supported application of the cluster approach. Analysis of an actual opportunity for industrial cluster formation through the example of the forest industry as well as opportunities for obtaining government support shows a number of drawbacks that hinder the development of this tool. The authors propose a number of changes that are required for creating a working cluster mechanism for the purposes of spatial planning in the forest industry. The results of the study can be extrapolated to other industries as well.
Conclusion. Examination of industrial cluster formation shows the specific problems of regulation of this process and makes it possible to determine the factors that affect the application of the cluster approach.

Keywords: industrial cluster, regional economy, forest industry, industrial policy, strategic development, spatial planning


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