2. Sergey V. Kuznetsov, Evgeniy A. Gorin

Sustainable Regional Development and Modernization of the Research and Production Complex in the Russian Northwest

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Sergey V. Kuznetsov

Director of Institute of Problems of Regional Economy (St. Petersburg) of the Russian Academy of Science (RAS), Doctor of Economics, Professor

Serpukhovskaya Str. 38, St. Petersburg, Russian Federation, 190013

Evgeniy A. Gorin

Senior Researcher of Institute of Problems of Regional Economy (St. Petersburg) of the Russian Academy of Science (RAS), Doctor of Economics, Professor

Serpukhovskaya Str. 38, St. Petersburg, Russian Federation, 190013

The presented study examines the potential directions for the modernization of the research and production complex in the Russian Northwest within the context of sustainable regional development.
Aim. This study aims to identify the directions and assess the impact of the national industrial policy on the modernization of the research and production complex.
Tasks. The authors identify the opportunities and means for improving the institutional environment for the purposes of economic modernization.
Methods. The theories of innovative development and regional economy and the concept of sustainable development serve as the methodological basis of the study.
Results. Current trends in the development of the research and production complex in theRussian Northwest macro-region are identified. The impact of government support measures aimed at implementing technological innovations into the production sphere is assessed.
Conclusion. Currently, there are several technological waves in the Russian industrial complex. These combine into a single coherent technological system. Implementation of the fifth and the sixth technological waves in pharmaceutics and biotechnology and modernization of conventional production in the mining and timber industry of the Russian Northwest is exemplified. Improvement of research incentives and practical measures in the field of technological re-equipment and modernization of production in the proposed directions will facilitate the development of the research and industrial complex in the Northwest macroregion.

Keywords: sustainable development, modernization, research and production complex, Northwest macro-region, innovative development, regional factors, knowledge-intensive production, industrial complex support measures


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