3. Elena G. Reshetnikova

Food aid as a tool of the state support of an agro-food complex: analysis of the international experience

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Elena G. Reshetnikova

Head of the laboratory of Institute of agrarian problems of the Russian Academy of Science, Doctor of Economics, Professor

Moskovskaya Str. 94, Saratov, Russian Federation, 410012

The present study is devoted to the study of the institute of domestic food aid as a tool for ensuring the economic accessibility of food and supporting domestic producers of agro-food products in the face of global challenges.
Aim. To substantiate the directions of the development of the state system of food aid to the population in Russia on the basis of generalization of the experience of the functioning of domestic food aid programs in various countries of the world.
Tasks. Identify ways to improve the organizational and economic mechanism for implementing domestic food aid to improve the sustainability of the agro-food complex and the social sphere. To study the various mechanisms of food aid in the United States, the countries of the European Union, Latin American countries, to systematize them, paying special attention to the experience of countries using the institute of domestic food aid to support the national agro-food complex. To substantiate recommendations for improving the institutional componentf the food
aid system with an emphasis on state support with the help of this institute of small forms of agribusiness.
Results. Two types of organization of the system of food aid in world practice are distinguished: an American type that presupposes state support for both agricultural producers and consumers of food; the European approach, consisting of guaranteed opportunities to provide consumers with all types of basic food products through an extensive system of social benefits and the prevalence of food aid by charitable organizations.
Conclusions. In the context of the transfer of the State Program for the Development of Agriculture and the Regulation of Agricultural Products, Raw Materials and Foodstuffs for 2013–2020, from 2018, the project management has justified the need to highlight the issues of domestic food aid, taking into account the regulation of food supplies for small agribusiness in the framework of the food aid program to an independent subprogram of the State Program for the Development of Agriculture.

Keywords: internal food aid, economic accessibility of food


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