4. Marina N. Rudenko, Yana A. Dolganova

Regulatory Tools for the Regional Economic Security Mechanism

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Marina N. Rudenko

Head of Department of Perm State University, Doctor of Economics, Professor

Bukireva Str. 15, Perm', Russian Federation, 614990

Yana A. Dolganova

Postgraduate Student of Perm State University

Bukireva Str. 15, Perm', Russian Federation, 614990

The presented study identifies tools that could help prevent and avert external and internal threats to regional economic security.
Aim. The study aims to examine the full range of possible elements, along with their components, of an efficient regional economic security mechanism.
Tasks. The authors determine key factors that have a direct or indirect, positive or negative, effect on the state of regional economic security, assess the level of regional economic security, and propose strategic directions for the development of an efficient regional economic security mechanism.
Methods. This study uses mathematical and indicative methods to assess the elements of regional economic security and from that to identify the existing threats, making it possible to develop certain preventive measures in the future.
Results. By summarizing theoretical and practical concepts of regional economic security regulation, the authors develop a unique approach that involves complex projection of the strategic directions for improving regional economic security. Furthermore, they specify the system of indicators for assessing the level of economic security and propose regulatory tools for different types of regions.
Conclusion. Examination of the factors and parameters of regional economic security helps identify internal and external threats, which can be contained by developing appropriate measures based on the results obtained.

Keywords: regional economic security mechanism, threats to regional economic security, elements of economic security, socioeconomic development, current state of regional infrastructure, regional crime rate


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