2. Marina N. Rudenko

Regional Economic Security: A Theoretical Framework

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Marina N. Rudenko

Head of Department of Perm State University, Doctor of Economics, Professor

Bukireva Str. 15, Perm,, Russian Federation, 614990

The presented problem is important due to the regions’ (constituent entities of the Russian Federation) demands for economic security. In times of crisis and economic downfall, social problems become aggravated, quality of life decreases, and strain on the labor market rises.Alleviating negative factors responsible for the above outcomes requires solutions aimed at improving the regional economic structure, supporting individual industries and fields, and attracting investments. These steps can be considered the keys to providing economic security.
Aim. The presented study aims to provide a conceptual representation of a regional economic security system.
Methods. This study uses analysis of theoretical sources, comparison, and synthesis of conceptual conclusions.
Results. Major approaches to the concept of regional economic security are presented, and the components of economic security are identified.
Conclusion. It is concluded that regional economic security is a responsibility of public administration, which in turn should undertake to monitor key indicators, which should then be used to substantiate and make decisions that would facilitate positive changes in regional economy.

Keywords: economic security, regional economy, regional social sphere, sustainable regional development, regional management


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