11. Pavel V. Plotnikov

Approach to Optimizing of the Information System Structure

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Pavel V. Plotnikov

Postgraduate Student of St. Petersburg State University

Universitetskaya Emb. 7–9, St. Petersburg, Russian Federation, 199034

This study describes a methodical approach to optimizing the structure of a wide class of territorially distributed information systems.
Aim. Develop a methodological approach to the formation of the optimal structure of a geographically distributed information system. A mathematical formalization of the problem as a 1-center problem was carried out. The method is based on the tools of tropical mathematics.
Tasks. Assess the importance of the information factor in solving problems of socio-economic development of the Russian Federation. Analyze the direction of formation and state support of elements of the digital economy. To formulate the task of optimizing the structure of a territorially distributed informationsystem. To review the methodological approaches to its solution. Describe the author’s approach to the selection of the field for the optimal placement of the control center in the information system using the tools of tropical mathematics.
Methods. In this paper, the trends and prospects for the development of informatization processes are considered with the help of general methods of scientific cognition (structural, retrospective and monographic analysis). Using the methods of mathematical formalization and logical analysis, the problem of optimizing the structure of the information system has been formalized. Its solution is obtained on the basis of idempotent algebra methods (a section of tropical mathematics).
Results. An analytical optimal solution of the 1-center problem for a territorially distributed information system in the Manhattan metric is obtained.
Conclusion. The results of the research can be used to form the optimal structure of a wide class of territorially distributed information systems. They allow to determine the optimal location of control objects (servers in computer networks, data storage centers in video surveillance systems, etc.) in the design and modernization of information systems.

Keywords: information system, optimization methods, system structure optimization, tropical mathematics


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