2. Elena A. Shirokova

Landscaping Level of the Living Environment as a Criteria of Attractiveness of a Northern City

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Elena A. Shirokova

Dean of the Department of Northeastern State University, Ph.D. in Economics, Associate Professor

Portovaya Str. 13, Magadan, Russian Federation, 685000

The present study compiles a list of criteria for determining the level of attractiveness of a northern city for the able-bodied population.
Aim. The study aims to identify factors that determine the attractiveness of a northern city for the population and compiles a list of criteria pertaining to itsattractiveness.
Tasks. The authors identify the key factors that determine the attractiveness of a northern city through a sociological survey of various population groups, compilinga list of criteria of attractiveness of a northern city for the population, and determiningthe impact of landscaping on the attractiveness of a northern city.
Methods. This study uses general scientific methods of cognition to examine the sociodemographic situation in Magadan in various aspects and determine the level of attractiveness of this northern city for the population. A quota sample survey is also used. It is shown that the residential population size in Magadan and the Magadan region is declining, and the key migration factors are identified.
Results. The outflow of young able-bodied population from the northern regions is a crucial problem at the current stage of economic development in Russia. The characteristics of the living environment have a huge impact on the choice of the place of residence. Based on the results of a sociological survey of Magadan citizens, the attractiveness of this northern city and its fluctuations under the influence of various factors are assessed, along withthe key criteria that determine its level for different population strata and categories. The resultsobtainedmake it possible to determine the level of attractiveness for the population achieved by Magadan and identify ways of improving it.
Conclusion. Improving the attractiveness of a territory both for business and the population is a task primarily for the regional and municipal authorities. It is necessary to develop a marketing strategy that focuses on improving the attractiveness of a territory for the population and facilitating its special features that would guarantee a competitive edge.

Keywords: territory attractiveness, landscaping, living environment, northern city


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