5. Aleksandr F. Denisov, Diana S. Kardash

Analysis of Application of Digital Technology in Recruitment

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Aleksandr F. Denisov

Associate Professor of Higher School of Management of St. Petersburg State University, Ph.D. in psychological sciences, associate professor, Honorary worker of higher education of the Russian Federation

Sankt-Peterburgskoe Highway 109, St. Petersburg, Russian Federation, 198515

Diana S. Kardash

probationer of Raiffeisen Bank

Volynskiy lane 3, St. Petersburg, Russian Federation, 191186

The present study analyzes the existing practices of application of digital technology and smart systems in human resources management, namely, in recruitment.
Aim. The study aims to analyze the existing practices of application of digital technology and smart systems in HR management, and to identify the positive effects and risks of such practices.
Tasks. The authors analyze the list of smart systems used in recruitment, the status of companies that use them, and the feedback from experts. Also analyzed is the reasoning of companies that consider the application of digital technology and smart systems in recruitment to be an efficient practice.
Methods. This study examines the application of digital technology and smart systems in recruitment through the analysis of available information sources, interviews of company representatives and experts.
Results. The digital economy affects an increasingly wide range of practical solutions involved in the management of various aspects at the national and corporate level, as well as certain types of activity. Experts are looking for tools that may streamline corporate operations in terms of improving technological processes — increasing the speed of, and reducing the risks of, decisionmaking. Analysis of the digital technology and smart systems that are currently used in human resources management, namely in recruitment, shows that there are quite a few such tools (Stafory, Amazing Hiring, Clever Staff, Violars, etc.). That said, not all of these means can actually be considered smart systems; they are more like automation systems for certain processes. Nevertheless, this approach (digitalization of processes) is actively implemented in human resources management systems and generates interest among the expert community.
Conclusion. Nowadays, the recruitment process can be streamlined through process automation, using artificial intelligence and big data. At the same time, analytical reviews show that, at least for now, robots and smart systems in recruitment can only perform generic tasks that do not affect any final decision regarding the candidate. Naturally, digitalization cannot be ignored in the context of the developing digital economy, but is necessary to consider the risks involved. The responsibility for every managerial decision should rest with a human being.

Keywords: recruitment, digital technology, smart systems, Big Data, process automation, HR specialist

Citation:Denisov A. F., Kardash D. S. Analiz praktik primeneniya tsifrovykh tekhnologiy v otbore personala [Analysis of Application of Digital Technology in Recruitment]. Ekonomika i Upravlenie, 2018, no. 6 (152), pp. 26–37.


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