1. Anna A. Anfinogentova

Problems and Prospects of Using an Input-Output Model for the Substantiation of Strategic Projects to Ensure Russia’s Food Security

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Anna A. Anfinogentova

Senior Scientific Researcher of the Institute of Agrarian Problems of the Russian Academy of Science (Saratov Branch), Academician of RAS, Emeritus Professor of SAU

Moskovskaya Str. 94, Saratov, Russian Federation, 410012

The presented study substantiates the opportunities and prospects of using an input-output model to identify multifactorial challenges, threats, and risks of ensuring Russia’s food security during the transition toward a new stage of socio-economic, scientific, and technological development of the country’s agrifood sector.
Aim. Theoretical and methodological substantiation nd preparation of guidelines on the development of a system of strategic projects using a modified input-output model to ensure Russia’s food security.
Tasks. The authors identify the specific aspects of assessing the population’s food requirements; substantiate estimated food requirement figures corresponding to modern criteria and consistent with the dynamics of the population’s income behavior; propose a methodology for substantiating strategic projects using a system of inter-product and inter-industry balances of the Russian agrifood sector.
Methods. This study analyzes Russian and foreign inter-industry research practices and assesses their current state to develop a system of modified input-output models for the Russian agrifood sector for predicting the sustainable growth of food consumption and increasing the competitive export of products with high added value.
Results. The authors propose a system of strategic projects aimed at ensuring the country’s food security; identify the specific aspects of composite well-being with regard to food consumption; propose modified input-output tables for the agrifood sector; substantiate the information capabilities of such tables and their use in the management of a multi-level system of inter-industry interactions in the country’s agrifood sector.
Conclusion. Examination of the capabilities of an input-output model for efficient management in the agrifood sector makes it possible to identify the specific features of the model’s structure and substantiate the conditions of its application in the design of the key parameters of ensuring Russia’s food security.

Keywords: food security, strategic projects, final product, competitive export, multi-level management system for the agrifood sector, modified input-output tables, forecasting

Citation: Anfinogentova A. A. Problemy I perspektivy ispol’zovaniya metoda “zatraty — vypusk” dlya obosnovaniya strategicheskikh proektov obespecheniya prodovol’stvennoy bezopasnosti Rossii [Problems and Prospects of Using an Input-Output Model for the Substantiation of Strategic Projects to Ensure Russia’s Food Security]. Ekonomika i Upravlenie, 2018, no. 7 (153), pp. 4–10.


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