12. Dmitriy A. Mikhaylovskiy

Impact of Income Inequality among the Population on Commercial Business Risks in Russia

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Dmitriy A. Mikhaylovskiy

Commercial Director of CJSC “Al’yans Grupp”

Kolomyazhskiy Ave 33, Bld. 1, St. Petersburg, Russian Federation, 197348

Aim. The study identifies major entrepreneurial risks forming in context of increasing income inequality among the population amid the development of digital technologies.
Tasks. The authors determine the effects of increasing income inequality among the population on the development of entrepreneurial risks.
Methods. This study uses general scientific methods of cognition to examine the global trend of increasing income inequality and analysis to identify entrepreneurial risks associated with a decline in aggregate demand.
Results. The increasing income inequality among the population is a worldwide problem that hurts the global economic growth. Aggressive and widespread implementation of digital technologies will facilitate this trend by reducing the numbers of the middle working class, which accounts for the lion’s share of aggregate consumption in the national economy, leading to significant entrepreneurial risks due to reduced demand.
Conclusion. The development of digital technologies over the next decade will negatively impact income inequality among the population, leading to a decline in aggregate demand and an increase of entrepreneurial risks.

Keywords: entrepreneurial risks, digitalization, unemployment, income inequality, consumption, aggregate demand

Citation: Mikhaylovskiy D. A. Vliyanie rosta neravenstva dokhodov naseleniya na riski torgovogo predprinimatel’stva v Rossii [Impact of Income Inequality among the Population on Commercial Business Risks in Russia]. Ekonomika i Upravlenie, 2018, no. 9 (155), pp. 80–84.


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