Being a monthly publication on its pages  Economics and Management highlight a number of subjects on important problems of  economics and changes in economical science not only in Russia but also worldwide. It reflects the subject of the national growth of Russia, further development and modernisation, the state of financial background and future projects on scientific approach to problems which stand in the way of modernisation and development of Economics and financial power of the country.

The contents of the Journal include different publications on macroeconomics, finances, reforms, regulations, particles, etc. Since the first years of publication, Economics and Management has created, especially for its readers, a section which consists of various reviews on a number of scientific monographs devoted to different questions of economics of a current interest.


On its pages you can find the works of the most famous and well-known scientists of our day and of the past.


The Journal includes the following Columns


  1. Actual Problems of Economics and Management
  2. Economic Theory and Development Strategy
  3. Modernisation of Economics in the Regions
  4. Institutional Economics
  5. Administration and Management in Theory and on Practice
  6. Credit and Finance
  7. Mathematic Modelling
  8. Education
  9. Scientific Research of Graduates
  10. Reviews