Editorial Subscription

Dear Friends,

This page will assist you in subscribing to Economics and Management. You can choose between the electronic and paper version of the Journal.

To subscribe to the paper version you need to submit an order on our web-site choosing the relevant period of time that you would like to have a subscription for. According to your request we will send you an invoice pointing out the delivery costs. After you make a payment you will start receiving the Journal by post.

It’s also easy to subscribe to electronic version of the Journal.  There are some advantages in this kind of subscription and the main one being the efficiency of information you are going to get. You will be able to receive issues of the Journal as soon as they are approved to be published. The electronic issue always contain extra graphics.

You can subscribe to any of the issues by e-mail and receive them all in PDF format which can be easily opened with Adobe Acrobat Reader.

To receive the Journal promptly with no delays please check the following:

  • Your mailbox is not overloaded for the moment the Journal arrives
  • You do not have any restriction on file sizes
  • Our e-mail address is not in spam list

For official organizations, groups and businesses it’s important to ask for an invoice in your request when filling in the form on our web-site. All relevant documentation will be sent to you promptly by post. The contract or agreement can also be signed.

PRICES for year 2016-2017

Paper Version: 10$ per issue excluding delivery cost
Electronic Version per issue: 7$